T.A.S.C. … a unique after-school program open to all Russell students.

Russell Middle School offers a unique after-school program open to all Russell students Monday-Thursday. TASC is a safe place for students to go after school. Students involved in activities such as sports or clubs may also participate in this program. The TASC staff will consist of a certified staff coordinator, paraprofessionals, and individual staff members.

TASC consists of

    T imberwolf Pride

    A cademic Services

    S ocial Opportunities

    C reative Activities

TASC will begin on Monday, August 19, 2019

Goals of the TASC programs

1. Create a safe and caring school climate for young people.

2. Provide academic support and mentoring services to enhance student motivation and academic achievement.

3. Provide a balanced approach of academic and curricular enrichment, community service, technology, career development and recreation.

4. Provide students an opportunity to make new friends and build positive peer relationships.​

Daily Schedule  

3:00-3:30 Social time and snack

3:30-4:30 Academic support/study

4:30-5:00 Activities & dismissal​

TASC Forms

TASC Information and Registration

TASC Walking Home Permission

TASC Weekly Registration

TASC Word Game Websites

EastoftheWeb Word Games

Story Board

Word Search

Eight Letters

Word Knowledge

Word Games

Merriam Webster Word Games

Pogo Word Games

SurfNetKids Word Games