heart and stethoscope

Health Screenings

Russell Middle School will be performing non-diagnostic health screens for students in grade 7 and for students who transferred from out of state in accordance with the Nebraska State Statute, #173 NAC 7. The purpose of the screening is to identify any possible health concerns and provide feedback to the student’s parents/guardians for follow-up. The screenings measure the following: height, hearing, vision, weight, and dental health. This screening will take place during the month of November and will continue until completed at Russell Middle School. If you do not wish for your child to be screened, please contact the school at 402-715-8508 or email your school healthcare provider, Stacie Hunt, RN, at sahunt@mpsomaha.org.

If screenings were completed and recorded on their physical then they will not be repeated.

If any student’s screening reveals a concern, the parent/guardians will be notified within 30 days.